Apple Watch to go Independent With Upcoming OS 2, Device Excels as a Health and Fitness Tracker, More Details

This necessarily means that a sports application can show your favorite team’s score, beside the time. At the moment, the information generated from Apple’s own apps, can be shown on the watch face.

With the new OS 2, applications will get much faster on the Apple Watch when installed directly on the device. The load times for Apple Watch will be reduced from five seconds to less than one, according to developers. In the media event, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, told the crowd that this watch will be able to ‘change people’s lives’.

Meanwhile, Jawbone, a third party developer is working on an application for the Apple Watch. The company’s present Smart Coach system offers more reminders and tips than other systems, to assist people in meeting their objectives. For example, it tells the user when it is time to start getting ready for bed in order to meet your bedtime and get sufficient sleeps.