Apple iPhone 7: Likely to Use Solar Technology, Reports Regarding iPhone 6C Surface, And More

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities declared that the camera will be upgraded to 12 megapixels. Last but certainly not the least, the LED-backlit display in iPhone 6 could be replaced by an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display in the upcoming device.

9to5Mac’s Benjamin Mayo reported that according to a ‘sketchy Chinese report’, the upcoming iPhone 7 will not have a 16GB variant like its predecessors. Instead, the new line-up will start with 32GB internal storage capacity and go up to 128GB.

Sources within Foxconn who might have seen the storage packaging revealed that a 16GB variant was nowhere to be seen. iPhone users complain that the base 16GB model gets easily filled up with pictures, apps, music and videos. Reports suggest that Apple is working on some new technology to increase the amount of usable storage space available on a device.

However, the 16GB variants were introduced since 2008 and it’s probably high-time to introduce a change. There are also rumors that IOS 9 will feature split-screen multitasking where the users will get to enjoy a split view, enjoying two different apps in the same window. There are also other modes like Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture.

Stay tuned for more updates on iPhone 7!