Apple iPhone 7: Likely to Hit the Market in September, Apple’s Decision to Remove Headphone Jack from the Device Sparks Outrage Among the Fans!

Speculations are hot in the market regarding the next iteration of iPhone from the house of Apple. The latest rumors claim that the device might be unveiled by Apple in the month of September. The Cupertino-based company is expected to bring major design overhauls with the next iPhone to enable it to hold its own in a fiercely competitive smartphone market.

It is a well-known fact that Apple abstains from revealing technical aspects of their devices until the day when they are finally released. However, various rumors doing rounds on the internet suggest that the next iPhone will likely come without a headphone jack.

With the headphone jack missing, the only port that will be featured on the device is the Lightning port. That being said, the obvious question arises as to how users will be able to plug in their headphones into their device!

Users will be able to plug in their headphones into the Lightning port of the device using an adapter which would make them compatible with the Lightning port itself.

A renowned website reported that Apple had previously filed for a patent for a brand new wrap-around screen. It is being assumed that this 4.9-inch wrap-around screen might feature on the upcoming iPhone. The distinctive feature of this type of screen is that it requires dropping of the home button, the volume buttons and the headphone jack.

The site further states that Apple might start streaming high-resolution audio as part of the Apple Music in the near future. This could be another reason for ditching the headphone jack as it is not capable of delivering these high-resolution audio.

Apparently, the lightning port of the device will be fitted with a built-in digital-to-analog converter which would enable the headphones to stream the high quality music.

The latest rumors also claim that the headphone jack is being removed from the iPhone 7 to make it even slimmer than its predecessors. Standing at 3.5mm, the headphone jack is the largest hole that the device features.

So, it is understandable that its removal will enable the developers to further reduce the overall thickness of the iPhone 7. Removal of the gaping hole will also ensure that the device has an improved waterproofing capability.

Some experts are of the opinion that Apple has decided to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 so that they could extend the screen of the device. It is being speculated that the iPhone 7 might come with a screen which is stretched right upto its base.

Just in the recent past, renowned headphone company, Beats was taken over by Apple for a price of $3.2 billion. Rumors have it that a brand new line of EarPods might be developed by Apple which would be released with the upcoming iPhone 7. These EarPods will be from the Beats stable and will feature active noise-cancelling technology.

Apple reportedly obtained a copyright on the term “AirPods” and it is very likely that this is what the new EarPods will be called in future.

This particular rumor cannot be completely blown away keeping in mind that the upcoming iPhone 7 will come sans a headphone jack which would make wireless earphones somewhat of a necessity.

However, it is still not clear yet whether these wireless earphones would come as a free accessory wrong with the iPhone 7 or whether they would be sold separately as an independent gadget.

The iPhone 7 s expected to come with Apple’s brand new A10 processor which will be embedded with M10 motion coprocessor. This brand new processor would work towards enhancing graphics processing of the device as well as give an uplift to its memory bandwidth.