Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus/iPhone 7 Likely to Release This Year, Promises to Employ Force Touch Technology!

The rumors appear to be conflicting as Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, reported that the next iPhone hardware will feature massive changes due to which Apple might finally discard the ‘S’ moniker and choose to call it the iPhone 7.

In the meantime, The Wall Street Journal reports that the upcoming iPhone will employ Force Touch Technology. This is a pressure-sensitive technology that was introduced in the Apple Watch and the trackpad of most recent MacBook features it as well.

Take a look at how this works. The Force Touch Technology makes use of Force Sensors to detect the amount of pressure that is being applied by you.

An internal component known as Taptic Engine relays the physical feedback, which could be a click or a tap, triggered while pressing down on the surface. This comes with new benefits like for example, a ‘Force Click’ on a word on the MacBook will allow you to find its definition. You can force click a file on the Finder to notice a preview.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 released in September 2012 and the 5S and 5C released in September 13. Hence, we can rightfully expect the iPhone 6S/7 to release in September this year.

Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates on the iPhone 7!