Apple iPhone 6C: An Early 2016 Release On the Cards, Might Come in A Number of Color Variants, Will Not Feature 3D Touch Technology!

The 4.7-inch screen which is found in the iPhone 6S emerged at the top of the list by gathering 31.2 % of the total votes. The second most preferred screen size was the 5.5 inch one which s found in the iPhone 6S Plus. This particular screen size received a total of 27.2 % votes.

20.3 % of the total votes were obtained by the 4-inch screen size which is currently found in the iPhone 5S. the iPhone 6C is also set to make an appearance with this particular screen size.

  1. 2 5 people stated that they preferred screen sizes other than the 4.7, 5.5 and 4-inch ones.

Gene Munster, an analyst stated that most of the people who voted for the 4-inch screen size are likely using older models of the iPhone. He added that these people will likely change their preference if and when they begin using the bigger screen modelsof the iPhone 6 series.

Munster is of the opinion that the iPhone 6C will not be released by Apple within the first half of 2016.He states that the iPhone 6C will most likely see the light of the day along with the iPhone 7 which is scheduled for a fall release.

He believes that the relatively smaller iPhone will not be enough to carry an entire event on its shoulders and thus it could be launched in Appleā€™s Spring Forward event along with the new Apple Watch.

Stay tuned for more update on Apple iPhone 6C.