Apple iPad Mini 4: To Be Out In October, Will Improve On iPad Mini 3 Experience, And More News

There are rumors that are claiming that the Apple iPad Mini 4 is going to hit the stands sooner than expected. It’s not been a year since the iPad Mini 3 had been released, and there are reports that Apple has already made plans for its successor.

Reports claim that Apple iPad Mini 4 will get a powerful A8 processor, similar to the one in the iPhone and will also have added feature of an 802.11 ac connectivity. With these features, the bonus is that the device is expected to launch sooner than anticipated. It is said to be available from the very next month!! Yes, you read that right, Apple iPad Mini 4 is believed to be unveiled in April, 2015!

There was much anticipation that the iPad Mini 4 will be unveiled at the San Francisco media event, last week, which saw the Retina MacBook Pro, and the Apple Watch launched, however, tech experts say that there have been some occasions where Apple has launched a new device after an official launch.

This has created a lot of excitement, but such a move has been pretty few in the history of the Cupertino-based company.

The Apple iPad Mini 3 had disappointed the fans with its A7 processor and 802.11 ac connectivity. The Ram and display features were similar to iPad Mini 2, with only the Touch ID and the gold variant being an added feature in the update. Tech websites claim that Apple had not included advanced features that are set to come in iPad Mini 4, in order to keep the cost down for iPad Mini 3.

iPad Mini 4 joins a list of devices like  iPad Air 3 and the 12-inch iPad Pro also known as the iPad Air Plus, that is rumored to be released this year. iPad Mini 4 will have an advanced Wi-Fi update, which will allow users to use up to 1733 Mbps of internet connection with a 5 GHz frequency band.