Apartment Customization DLC for GTA 5 Online Is Coming Soon, Modder Claims He Was Personally Visited By Two Private Investigators, And More

He further explained that these two PI declared that they have tested their legal standing already and furthermore, they are quite certain of their point. The modder must immediately cease his activities and that is the only solution they are willing to accept.

These two particular Take-Two representatives declared that they don’t wish to disclose any kind of negotiations that the company is having with other mod developers. They don’t want to disclose anything regarding the general modification policy and furthermore, this is specifically about his case.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive recently announced their earning results and it pertains to the quarter which ended on 30th September.

According to the publisher, the game was released around two years back and it continued to revel amidst major demand worldwide and at the same time, GTA Online microtransactions sales showed that it has undergone strong growth during this period.

The latest shipment number for GTA V is 54million and this includes the copies shipped through 30th June. Take-Two reported net revenue of 364.9 million dollars. This has actually increased by a staggering 169%, compared to the same time last year.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said during an earnings call that NBA 2K16 shipped around 4 million copies and the microtransactions sales increased by 120%.

Stay tuned for more updates on NBA 2K16!