Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt: Divorce Rumours, Adultery, Jealousy Over Marion Cotillard, Crumbling Career, Suicide

The 52-year-old Benjamin Button actor has released a public statement, in which he says that Jolie has undergone a mastectomy due to a genetic mutation and is experiencing an emotional upheaval. Pitt further says that the 41-year-old actress did not expect to live to turn 40 as her mother, aunt and grandmother succumbed to cancer, and so the actress is taking it slow and enjoying her time.

Pitt described his wife as supportive, and addressed the alleged marital problems by iterating that their life inside the house, including their children is normal, and they are making trips together.

The latest public appearances of the couple are that of a happy one and recently they celebrated the eighth birthday of their twins Knox and Vivienne at the Griddle Café in West Hollywood. The Gossip Cop disillusioned the public about Pitt and Jolie’s marital problems and a divorce narrative, as there was no evidence to support the rumor. Gossip Cop termed the rumor of Jolie being jealous of Cotillard as “nonsense” and that it was done to belittle Jolie’s career and place her in the role of the insecure wife.

InTouch perpetrated this act to sell their news to tabloids. Now the question arises: will such marketing strategies keep intruding the privacy of public figures to sell news like hot cakes and make a profit? Let us know what you think in the comments below.