All You Need to Know about Apple iPhone 7, All Variants of the Device Likely to Feature a Dual-Camera Setup!

In other news, John Gruber, an Apple Blogger, recently shared some interesting details about the upcoming iPhone 7. According to him, the device will have an edge-to-edge display and there will be no top or bottom bezel on it.

The display will further hide the Touch ID, front-facing camera along with additional sensors. BGR reported that over the past few days, rumors and speculations about iPhone 7 have increased to a great extent.

The manufacturing partners of Apple are getting ready for production. A two-dimensional representation of what the upcoming iPhones might look like has been revealed. After seeing the above article, a lot of people weren’t impressed. According to one of them, it will be the same ugly phone with large bezels.

Another commenter said that he will not buy an iPhone 7 if the ‘no-headphone jack’ is the only new feature it has. Over the past 2 years, it seems like Apple has run into some kind of a stumbling block. The iPad has been selling less and now the iPhone is suffering as well. Is Apple slowly coming to an end?

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone 7!