Advantages of Roku Over Apple TV, Scheduled To Launch within Six Months, More Details

Meanwhile, with the release of Roku 4, we should see some improvements in the gaming department. Amazon’s Fire TV has set the latest standard with its support for gaming on streaming devices. Apple TV and Roku continue to struggle in this aspect, for now. Apple TV has limitations with cross-platform search but Roku is excellent with the device providing great support on all fronts. With Roku 4, features like these will improve further. Meanwhile, Apple TV doesn’t promote iTunes as much as Amazon’s Fire TV attempts to promote its in-house video content.

On the other hand, Roku ensures that there is a wide variety of content to choose from. Presently, it is also the fastest among all media streaming devices in the market. Other manufacturers will release new variants in their line of media streaming devices. With its present advantages, Roku 4 should be able to stay on the forefront with much advanced upgrades.

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