Ade Edmondson to Join Star Wars Episode VIII, Daisy Ridley Talks About Her Experience While Working on Episode VIII!

Star Wars has been one of the most successful movie franchises to be ever released. Now, information regarding the upcoming film is scarce but Adam Driver, who played Kylo Ren in the previous film, decided to share some details.

According to his updates regarding what to expect from the upcoming film, Adam decided to issue a handful of hints during the Midnight Special Screening. In a report by Entertainment Weekly, Adam Driver said that it’s still Star Wars and they are not at peace.

It’s War all along. He was asked about his work experience in the film set and location following a directorial shift from J.J. Abrams in the Force Awakens to Rian Johnson in Episode 8. Driver said that he immediately noticed a difference in the temperament of the two directors. He sounded quite excited and even had some positive things to say about Johnson.

He said that it was more of a testament to see Rian coming into something of his own and establishing it. He is quite unassuming, intelligent and approachable as a result of which, Driver simply cannot wait to get on the set. Driver further said that the script they came up with is pretty great.

Stay tuned for more updates on Star Wars: Episode VIII!