7 Remakes That We Would Like To See In Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Game Is Available For $25 Only On Amazon!

People are asking about what new maps we will get to see in Black Ops 3 DLC 2 along with the rest of Season Pass. We are not yet aware of the other new Black Ops 3 maps that we can experience this year but we do know for a fact that remakes will play a major role in the new Black Ops 3 maps processes. In Awakening, the first DLC for Black Ops 3, we saw a Hijack remake joining three other new BO3 maps.

This has further set the expectation that we will continue to see new maps being added to the game in the near future. There will be remakes from other games like Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and World at War in the upcoming DLC packs.

Meanwhile, the process of delivering an old Black Ops map for Black Ops 3 is not just about slapping an upgraded skin onto the old map. There are various other important changes which need to be made like, thrust jumping, new movement mechanics, sliding and much more.

After going through the catalog of multiplayer maps from older Treyarch Call of Duty games, there are seven Black Ops 3 maps that we would like Treyarch to bring back in the upcoming DLC packs.

All that we know so far about the Black Ops 3 DLC 2 release is already available and there is a further possibility that it could arrive on the beginning of April on the PS4 and on the start of May on the Xbox One.

After all that, we can expect to see that DLC 3 and DLC 4 for Black Ops 3. If Treyarch continues in the same path, we can expect to see three more remakes of Black Ops maps or even World at War.

You can expect to see new maps in Black Ops 3 that have never been used in the earlier games. This is mainly for people who remain unsatisfied about new information being added in the game.

If Treyarch decides to stick to the current plan, it will include a remake as the new map in the rest of DLC 2 for Black Ops 3. 3 and 4 packs are the ones that gamers would absolutely love to see. People would even consider paying for a complete classic Black Ops 3 DLC 5, which comes with remakes from earlier Black Ops games.

With the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer set provided in a simulation, we could see all the new maps placed  in the original time periods or further adjusted to a futuristic setting like Skyjacked.

The WMD map of Black Ops was set in an abandoned Soviet Base and it was a major favorite among team games. Therefore, people would love to see a remade version of WMD map for Black Ops 3.

A map of this size is best suited for mid-range and the area comes with two main places to go and snipe. This is exactly like a map where you will need to use an SMG for performing well at close quarters but it must have enough power for mid-range encounters.

However, there is one reason why we may not get to see a remade WMD map since there are already some similarities to Raid with a snowy setting and a warehouse style map as well. There are wall-running opportunities being offered in towers and silos and up another level, there could also be further spaces to explore.