4-Inch Apple iPhone 5 SE Likely to Be Unveiled at an Event During 21st March 2016!

The iPhone 5SE has been the talk of the town since Apple made an announcement for it in the previous year. Unlike the recent iPhones which are mostly quite big in size, the iPhone 5SE will have a size of just 4-inches. However, the device should not be judged by its small size as it will pack quite impressive features.

Renowned tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously stated that Apple will release a 4-inch iPhone before it unveils the high-end iPhone 7. He was of the opinion that a certain percentage of consumers still prefer smaller phones and Apple will be rolling out the iPhone 5SE to cater to the needs of these people.

The latest reports regarding the device suggest that it will be unveiled at a special Apple event which is scheduled to be held on 21st March. There is still a bit confusion regarding the name of the device as it was previously reported that it might be called iPhone 6C.

However, if indeed Apple decides to go with iPhone 5SE, it will be the first instance that the company has put two characters after the number for an iPhone. As for the design of the upcoming device, it is being speculated that the iPhone 5SE will come with curved edges.

A particular leaker by the name of OnLeaks recently released a few images which he claimed showed the cases of the upcoming device. Looking at the cases it could be assumed that the iPhone 5SE will have a similar outer appearance as that of the existent iPhone 5C. He also claimed that the device will have a thickness of 7.6mm.

A picture of the iPhone 5C with Touch ID was posted by Apple some time back. Since the 5C had a plastic build, it sparked rumors that the iPhone 5SE will also have a plastic outer body.

Another alleged picture of the back cover of the iPhone 5SE was posted by Future Supplier. Whether the picture was actually of the iPhone 5SE or not is not yet known at the moment. However, it was seen that the device in the picture had a plastic build which reinforced the rumors of a plastic body for iPhone 5SE.

Apple has been building the recent iPhones with metallic outer body and thus rumors are doing rounds that the company would do the same for the iPhone 5SE. A metallic body is definitely more preferable than a plastic body because firstly a metallic body would ensure better protection for the device.

Secondly, it will lend a premium feel and look to the device which a plastic body will never be able to do.

It should be noted that there has been on official confirmation behind these claims and rumors.

As for the different color variants of the device, it was reported that Apple will introduce four different variants of the iPhone 5SE based on its color. Just like the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 5SE will be launched in colors of gold, rose gold, space grey and silver.

Under its hood, the device will pack Appleā€™s own A8 processor which is used in the iPhone 6S too. However, there is also the chance that Apple upgrades the processor to A9 for the iPhone 5SE. The processor will come with an inbuilt near field communication (NFC) chip which will enable users to take advantage of the Apple Pay feature.

It is likely that the powerful processor will be coupled with 1GB of RAM to ensure smooth functioning of the device.

The device will most likely sport a display which will have a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, similar to that of the iPhone 5C. A Touch ID fingerprint sensor will also be included in the device for added safety.