2016 Toyota Tacoma: Tech-Specs Revealed, the Upcoming Variant Promises to Pack More Power than its Predecessors, And More

High compression engines usually require better grade fuel for optimum combustion and performance. However, Toyota has designed the 2016 Tacoma to run on normal unleaded petrol.

To achieve this feat, Toyota has taken inspiration from the Atkinson Cycle for variable valve timing, in place of the Otto Cycle where the intake valve remains open during the first stage of the compression stroke.

Advanced Crawl Control is basically Cruise Control for off road terrain. This technology adjusts the wheel speed and prevents sliding by applying the brake and gas automatically when needed.

Toyota has also improved the braking on the vehicle, which now uses the latest hydroboost technology. As with the HiLux, the Toyota Tacoma uses a robust frame on top of an equally sturdy chassis. This makes the vehicle fun to drive off road. Body roll is minimal, inducing more confidence into the heart of the driver.

The stock suspension on the upcoming Tacoma is class-leading. Hence, you don’t have to go looking for an aftermarket suspension on this one. Toyota is aiming to grab the crown for the best pickup truck in its class and judging by the initial reports, they are very close to nailing the deal.

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