2016 Nissan Maxima: Fresh, Stylish and Performance-Oriented Newcomer in the House, More Details

It declared that 60% of the engine parts are new compared to the one it substitutes and they have drawn inspiration from the GT-R Performance beast. With the help of this motor, the car moves slides as butter around town and it’s quite a beast, once the 300 horses are unshackled.

For improved handling, Nissan said that it made the body stiffer so that the car maneuvers better when you thrash it around corners.

If you want luxury, performance and statement, the Nissan SR model is perfect for you, with its Integrated Dynamics Control module, premium Ascot leather-appointed seats with diamond-quilted Alcantara inserts, “Liquid Chrome” faceted finishers, LED Low beam headlights and much more.

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