EU privacy rules restricts Skype,WhatsApp

Disobeying of country’s policy is very common these days. These policies are disturbed mostly by messaging service provider social media platforms such as skype and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and skype are one of the famous messaging and video calling messenger ,respectively. Skype is a product of Microsoft and WhatsApp is a product of Facebook.

These messaging services have always come up with new and out of the box thinking to keep them self in the race of social media platform.and to attract an audience.

The European union, take rules to the next level, where messaging and calling using the internet are restricted so, in order to allow online calling and messaging services have to apply to telecom operators and web companies and this service is known as “Over-The-Top” (OTT) service.

Online services need to keep the privacy of communication. Before tracking user’s location, they have to take permission of the user.

These rules made the hard life for online advertisers because there will be some tight constraints on previous browser history to predict ads.

The downfall in revenue of telecom companies because messaging services such as skype and WhatsApp gives all the facility or even more facility.

A big sum of money is to be paid as a penalty by companies who will go against the policy, around 4% of companies turnover.

Online advertising companies deliver ads on the basis of the previous history captured in a cookie. Telecom companies, Prohibited by new rules from using customer data with customer permission.