$1.1Billion Disclosed By Tesla Motors in Cash Needs for Q3, the Company Could Charge 40 Dollars for a Car Wash

In case you see a Tesla in a gas-station, it clearly means that the owner is waiting for a windshield wash. Tesla is already trying out this service at their Fremont Factory Supercharger station. If the reviews are good, it could be launched in other service stations as well, as stated by Electrek.

It further reported that the wash system could include a subscription as well, with the service costing $80 a month for the Model S and $90 for the X. Hopefully, the cost associated with a Model 3 will be less expensive. Tesla Motors hasn’t said anything about it till now.

In other news, Tesla has already planned a huge customer for the driver-less trucks it has planned. However they are still several years away from reaching the market. A Danish trucking CEO is excited about Tesla’s plans to make heavy trucks. He wishes to replace his huge fleet of trucks within the next five to ten years.

Latest reports indicate that the Gigafactory may take longer to come online than anticipated. The current expectation of cells being produced at the Gigafactory is Q4 2016, for initial use in CO’s energy products and later to be used in its vehicles.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla Motors.